Where to Trade Your $MUTE | $VOICE

NOTE: Liquidity for both $MUTE and $VOICE is currently in V2 of Uniswap. When trading there, simply click on the "No liquidity! Click to trade with V2" button after filling in an amount for either side of the swap you wish to make.


Trade MUTE on Uniswap

MUTE on Etherscan MUTE on DEXTools MUTE on CoinGecko MUTE on CoinMarketCap


NOTE: May still be listed as NBT. NBT and VOICE share the same contract address but not all sites/exchanges have updated to the re-branded ticker yet.

Trade VOICE on Uniswap Trade VOICE on Bilaxy

VOICE on Etherscan VOICE on DEXTools VOICE on CoinGecko VOICE on CoinMarketCap