Blockchain Foundry

As the first official partner of Mute, Blockchain Foundry made their name with some of the earliest blockchain-based business platforms, but their experience and knowledge goes much further than that. Since their founding in 2016, they've greatly expanded their capabilities, one of which is critically important for Mute. With their expertise in bridging chains together, BCF will open the doors for the Mute Switch to expand its reach beyond the Ethereum network, and we simply couldn't be happier about that.

Although the original objective has somewhat evolved, you can read more about this at


Since 2013, ETHworks has done work for many high-profile projects including the Ethereum Foundation,, Maker, Polkadot, DeversiFi and even CitiBank just to name a few.. and Mute is very proud to be working with them! Experts in what they do, they've already helped with our rebranding and website, and continue to assist in other front-end development and user experience design work for upcoming dApps.

You can view their Twitter announcement here