Mute | Voice

Max Supply

$VOICE - 44,613 $MUTE - 31,188,934.89360874


1% fee on most transactions which is then redistributed among those who stake their LP tokens at the dock. The 1% transaction fee does not apply to tokens coming from the NIX-MUTE swap contract, Uniswap buys, or the Smart Treasury/Vault.

Permanent Liquidity

When removing $MUTE or $VOICE from the staking dock, a 1% fee is sent directly back to the pool where it is permanently locked.

Mute Switch

Buy Back and Make

Trading fees on the Mute Switch will likely start at around 0.3%. This fee will be paid in $MUTE and used to market buy both $MUTE and $VOICE from Uniswap and sent to the Smart Treasury where it can then be available for use via successfully passed Governance proposals.
The initial split for buy backs will be as follows: 70% of the DEX trading fees will market buy $MUTE 30% of the DEX trading fees will market buy $VOICE
Governance has the ability to change all mentioned fee percentages.

Additional Information

You can read more about why we chose this model in the Medium article here.
Last modified 4mo ago