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Uniswap Buy/Sell Error

If your buy or sell order is not properly completing (typically with an undefined error), simply increase your slippage tolerance. Typically, you don't have to increase it to any more than 2% (but the lower, the better -- most swaps don't require more than 1.5%). If that doesn't help, you can also try swapping rounded numbers, for example 10 $MUTE instead of 9.871342046815302394
Click on the gear icon
WARNING: Setting the slippage higher than 2% will increase the chances that front running bots will target your transaction.
Enter 1.5 or 2 in the right-hand (custom) slippage field
Click anywhere outside of the "Transaction Settings" dialog to close it and verify your slippage is set to 2% or less.
Confirm your "Slippage Tolerance" is 2% (or less)
Your trade should now successfully complete.