Mute | Voice
Mainnet Release Pending the release of zkSync 2.0
Liquidity Incentive Program A liquidity farming program will be developed and rolled out to incentivise high-value projects to provide liquidity on our AMM. Initially, the Mute team will select the projects, but we envisage subsequent decisions will fall to the DAO.
Porter Additions Implement ZK Porter for added privacy and significantly reduced gas fees vs rollup. Porter brings much-needed privacy to L2 and allows those with low capital to once again take advantage of DeFi.
Limit Orders Implement limit orders to allow traders to set the price they wish to initiate the trade - No more market buying/selling. Limit order functionality will be powered by natively integrating Gelatos automated smart contract technology into Switch.
Single-sided Staking Provide liquidity to a pool with a single token. Single-sided staking increases capital efficiency by removing the need to split liquidity between two tokens. Liquidity providers only have exposure to a single asset whilst still earning an equal share of the rewards.
NFT Support Develop NFT compatibility with added limit order functionality. There is no more need for price floors or bidding wars; easily buy and sell your NFTs at the price you want.
Investigate Porter Shards Initially, Porter will be validated by zksync's Guardian network. Still, there is an option to create our own shard, validated by Mute/Voice validators, opening up some powerful and exciting opportunities for the Mute ecosystem. A feasibility study will be carried out, and findings passed on to the DAO for their consideration.
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