Swap Assets

The Swap page gives users an easy and secure way to exchange tokens without the risks associated with Centralized Exchanges.

Selecting Assets

If your chosen pair has too shallow of a liquidity pool for your swap, the Switch will find you the cheapest route to complete your exchange with a minimum amount of slippage.
Begin by using the "Select token" drop down menu to select the assets you wish to swap
Clicking on the up and down arrows will flip your send and receive assets
Enter an amount to either send or receive

Adjusting Slippage

Slippage is the amount of price impact your swap has on the liquidity pool. Pools with large amounts of liquidity offer the most efficient trade. You generally don't need to do anything with this setting.
Click on the gear icon to adjust slippage
Choose your desired amount of slippage

Approve the Swap

Click on the "Approve" button
Sign the transaction with your connected wallet