Mute Amplifier

Info & Project Registration
The Mute Switch Amplifier is a liquidity reward protocol that allows LPs to gain additional revenue APY & take part in the Mute ecosystem. Amplifier rewards are fueled by platform revenue and fees, which come directly from the buy back and make system the Mute DAO has in place. Projects that get approved to be a part of the Amplifier program get allocated a specific amount of $MUTE over a period of time with a target APY for the liquidity providers. Do note, there are not amplifier pairs for every liquidity pair on the Switch. Rather, amplified pairs are decided up by the team and Mute DAO. There will be amplified pairs for important base liquidity pairs such as ETH/USDC, WBTC/USDC etc. These will be linked and updated on this page as those become available. The APY in an amplifier is variable and is determined by a ratio of the users snapshotted dMute vote value vs total Mute rewards in the pool:
f(APYamp)=APYbase+(clamp(userdmute/poolrewards,1)(APYmax(APYmax/3)))f(APY_{amp}) = APY_{base} + (clamp(user_{dmute}/pool_{rewards}, 1) * (APY_{max} - (APY_{max} / 3)) )
Remember, you can own dMute votes by either owning dMute directly and having ownership over its delegation, or by having other dMute owners delegate their vote share to you. The amplifier does not care whether you own dMute or not, only if you own 'votes'. This allows for third party LP's to bribe dMute owners for their votes.


Providing $50k worth of LP on an ETH/USDC pair with an amplifier that has a 5% base APY and 15% max APY. This pool has 80,000 MUTE allocated as rewards. Additionally, you own 40,000 dMute votes (either owned by you or delegated to you).
Amplified APY = 5% + ( (40k/80k) * (15% - (15%/3))) = 10% To own the Max Amplified APY, you must own the same amount of Mute rewards in the pool as you do of dMute votes. Your dMute votes/holdings carry over to all amplifiers. If you are providing your LP to two amplifiers, your dMute balance is not split among them. Taking the previous example, if you provided LP on two pairs using those same exact numbers as above, your APY on both would be 10%. This is to encourage participation in the pools.

Apply for the Mute Amplifier Program

To apply for the Amplifier program, please follow this link: Mute Amplifier Registration