L1 Staking

To further help guard against Impermanent Loss, a 1% transaction fee is taken from most $MUTE and $VOICE transactions and redistributed to their corresponding liquidity providers.

In order to claim your portion of these rewards you must deposit your LP tokens in the dock. If you don't have LP tokens, see Adding Uniswap V2 Liquidity to get some.

Liquidity Staking Interface
  1. Connect Button - Shows your ETH address when connected.

  2. Switch to Voice/Mute Token - Toggle between the 2 LP pools.

  3. Amount of LP tokens to deposit or withdraw.

  4. Toggle between Withdraw and Deposit.

  5. Analytic data page.

  6. APY's based on 3x Multiplier using 7 and 30 day timeframe calculations.

  7. Rewards earned ($MUTE/$VOICE).

  8. Current Multiplier.

The multiplier begins at 1 and gently increases to a maximum of 3 after 60 days. For example, after 15 days your multiplier will be 1.5; At 49 days, 2.63

When adding additional liquidity, all new deposits accrue rewards according to their own multiplier until all deposits are at 3x.

When liquidity is removed from the dock, 1% is kept and locked permanently in the pool. If not all tokens are withdrawn, those that remain in the dock will keep their current multiplier.