Swapping NIX for MUTE

All NIX holders will have through 30JUN2021 to exchange their coins for MUTE. Since MUTE is an ERC-20 token, you'll need an Ethereum wallet that supports ERC-20's. The exchange will be a 1:1 ratio and will require an amount of ETH in your wallet to be used to pay for Ethereum network fees.

You can swap your NIX coins for Mute tokens at https://portal.mute.io

SWAP BONUS: Users swapping a total of 40K NIX or more will receive an amount of $VOICE in addition to their $MUTE after the swap has concluded and their new tokens remain at the same address they were originally claimed with. Those who've had an active NIX Ghostnode running on 1FEB2021 will receive an additional, bonus percentage of $VOICE.

NOTE: In order to receive your additional $VOICE bonus for running an active Ghostnode, you must swap some of your NIX directly from your Ghostnode address! If you had multiple qualifying Ghostnodes, you only need to send some NIX from one of them. The bonus applies to your final swap total no matter if you ran 1 or 10 nodes.

Want to know if your Ghostnode is on the list? You can check here: https://pastebin.com/vMBdQzW3‚Äč

Desktop Video Guide

How to swap NIX to MUTE using the website portal

Flare Mobile Wallet Video Guide

How to swap NIX to MUTE using the Flare Mobile wallet