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Updating NBT to VOICE
Getting your NBT to show up as VOICE in your wallet is quite easy. Simply remove or hide it from your wallet, then re-add it using the same Token Contract Address, 0x2e2364966267b5d7d2ce6cd9a9b5bd19d9c7c6a9

MetaMask Walk-Through

Click on your NBT wallet
Click on the 3 vertical dots to bring up options
Select "Hide NBT"
Confirm you wish to hide it
Click the "Add Token" button
Click "Custom Token" at the top
Paste in the Token Contract Address and click "Next"
Token Contract Address: 0x2e2364966267b5d7d2ce6cd9a9b5bd19d9c7c6a9
Click "Add Tokens" and you're done!
Last modified 10mo ago
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