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Pending zksync V2 Release - Mute Switch A beta version will be deployed first on the Ropsten testnet, followed by the mainnet deployment.
Q3/Q4 - Liquidity Incentive Program A liquidity farming program will be developed and rolled out to incentivise high-value projects to provide liquidity on our AMM. Initially, the Mute team will select the projects, but we envisage subsequent decisions will fall to the DAO.
Q4 - Porter Additions Implement ZK Porter for added privacy and significantly reduced gas fees vs rollup. Porter brings much-needed privacy to L2 and allows those with low capital to once again take advantage of DeFi.


Q1 - Limit Orders Implement limit orders to allow traders to set the price they wish to initiate the trade - No more market buying/selling. Limit order functionality will be powered by natively integrating Gelatos automated smart contract technology into Switch.
Q2 - Single-sided Staking Provide liquidity to a pool with a single token. Single-sided staking increases capital efficiency by removing the need to split liquidity between two tokens. Liquidity providers only have exposure to a single asset whilst still earning an equal share of the rewards.
Q3 - NFT Support Develop NFT compatibility with added limit order functionality. There is no more need for price floors or bidding wars; easily buy and sell your NFTs at the price you want.
Q4 - Investigate Porter Shards Initially, Porter will be validated by zksyncs Guardian network. Still, there is an option to create our own shard, validated by Mute/Voice validators, opening up some powerful and exciting opportunities for the Mute ecosystem. A feasibility study will be carried out, and findings passed on to the DAO for their consideration.


New Website Launch 26FEB2021 - goes live!
NIX Swap and NBT Re-branding 1MAR2021 - NIX became available to swap for the new ERC20 token $MUTE. $NBT is renamed to $VOICE.
Uniswap V2 Listing 2MAR2021 - $MUTE Trading goes live.
Development of Governance $MUTE and $VOICE token contracts are upgraded to allow for Governance capabilities.
Liquidity Docks 24MAR2021 - Liquidity staking for $VOICE and $MUTE now available.
Governance Contract Audit 3APR2021 - Performed by QuillAudits
Voice Control App 8APR2021 - DAO Governance is live at
Amplifier Liquidity Staking
29OCT2021 - Updated Layer 1 liquidity staking for $VOICE and $MUTE.
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