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Mute Switch DEX

Known as a "Layer 2, ZK-Rollup" DEX, Mute Switch will allow users to on/off-board various tokens they wish to trade into a private and secure trading environment with low fees.
The 'gas' that powers the DEX is projected to be a 0.3% trading fee, paid in $MUTE. While you can pay this fee directly with $MUTE you already own, we will also enable traders without any $MUTE of their own to still be able to trade while automatically handling the 'gas' costs behind the scenes.
"Power traders" wishing to reduce this fee can do so by holding a set amount of $MUTE.
Governance will have the ability to adjust trading fees and fee reduction requirements.
Check out the preview at and look for the testnet version to be deployed shortly.
Last modified 6mo ago
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