Beta Testing

Beta testing is now live and open to everyone with no registration required! Whether you simply want to give it a try or help make the user experience even better with your suggestions, get yourself some testnet tokens and join our community of beta testers.

Please note that not all features may be available and USD values DO NOT reflect real-world prices.

How to Participate

We recommend creating a new wallet for testing purposes.

1. Receive goerli testnet eth from either faucet here:

Due to the current high demand for testnet ETH, these faucets may be dry. If you are unable to get any, please join our Telegram or Discord chat and ask the community to help you out.

2. Bridge over your ETH from the goerli testnet into the zksync l2:

3. Receive additional tokens from the zksync faucet (usdc/link/dai/wbtc):

4. Once you have some tokens & ETH in your zksync wallet, you can now access and trade, provide liquidity and farm on the switch at

Bugs and Feedback

Found a bug? Please report it in our Discord server #switch-support chat

Care to tell us about your experience? Leave us a note in #switch-reviews

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