Known Bugs

dMute DAO Bug

An initial deployment of the dMute contract on mainnet launch was misconfigured and deployed with a missing argument which prevented mute from redemptions, permanently locking any mute that was deposited in the contract forever. As a fix, the Mute team minted the locked token amount on L1, burned the same amount of mute tokens from the zkSync L1 Bridge, and redeployed and distributed those mute to the affected addresses on L2, ensuring the total token supply of Mute remained the same. Amounts burned from L1 bridge and minted/redistributed on L2: 2694479.313675894551572218 Mute All users who locked tokens in the linked contract below have been made whole. The total token supply of Mute remains unaffected. Relevant Links: dMute Contract on L2 New minted Mute + existing treasury mute deposited to L2

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