Koi Paymaster Service

Integrate the Mute Paymaster into your dApp

By utilizing zkSync Era account abstraction paymasters, Mute allows for gas to be paid with other tokens instead of ETH.

Instead of paying a transaction fee of $0.40 with ETH, the user can opt in to use any of the supported tokens below. The conversion price is based on the token/ETH LP pool on the Mute Switch.

This is a free to use service.


You can easily integrate the Mute Paymaster into your dApp - Official documentation Official Paymaster Address

const PAYMASTER_ADDRESS = '0x4ae2Ba9A5C653038C6d2F5D9F80B28011A454597'
// approve the token for spending via the paymaster
const greeting = "a new greeting";
const tx = await greeter.populateTransaction.setGreeting(greeting);
const gasPrice = await sender.provider.getGasPrice();
const gasLimit = await greeter.estimateGas.setGreeting(greeting);

const paymasterParams = utils.getPaymasterParams(testnetPaymaster, {
  type: "ApprovalBased",
  minimalAllowance: ethers.BigNumber.from(1),,
  innerInput: new Uint8Array(),

const sentTx = await sender.sendTransaction({
  maxFeePerGas: gasPrice,
  maxPriorityFeePerGas: BigNumber.from(0),
  customData: {
    gasPerPubdata: utils.DEFAULT_GAS_PER_PUBDATA_LIMIT,

Supported Tokens

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