Mute is a DeFi platform, serving as a liquidity hub for all projects on zkSync. Mute's dynamic dApp features both a concentrated and standard pool AMM DEX, complete with limit orders, a farming platform, and a bond platform. Experience the evolution of DeFi 2.0 with low fees and gas-less swaps.

The Team

The team behind Mute has a deep history with Zero-Knowledge protocols in crypto. Before Mute, the team created the first Zero-Knowledge Atomic Swap protocol between BTC and UTXO based chains, along with innovative work on Zerocoin and Sigma addressing schemes and transactions. Now, they bring that expertise to Mute and their new initiative: the Mute DAO. With a team that has a proven track record of innovation and expertise, Mute is ready to become a leading player in the zkDeFi space by building on zkSync and driving long-term value to its community.


Twitter: @mute_io Discord: mute Telegram: Medium:
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